Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kempamma Devi Temple at Bajaguru, near Tiptur of Tumkur district

Bajaguru place is surrounded by 4 temples. Kempamma & Kollapuramma is famous for solving health & wealth related problems. And for this you have to do "madalakki seve".

Mulagattamma is famous for solving land related problems. And for this you have to take the sand of snake house to your home & do the pooja's regularly and once your problem is solved then you have to return back to the temple.

Anjaneya temple is famous for solving black magic related problems.

Reaching Bajaguru:
Bajaguru is about 15 kms from Tiptur. One can reach Tiptur via Tumkur from Bangalore. There are plenty of busses ply to Tiptur from Bangalore city. Also you can reach Tiptur by train. One or two city buses are available to reach Bajaguru.

City Bus:
1.Tiptur Suguru Bajaguru