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Shree Mukti Naga Temple, Ramohalli, Big Banyan Tree Road, Kengeri, Bangalore

Mukti Naga temple in Bangalore is world's largest monolithic statue of Lord Naaga, about 16 feet tall and 36 tons of  weight. It is situated in a serene ambience of Ramohalli, a village on the outskirts of Bangalore city.

Shrines at Mukti Naga Temple:
   1. Shri Kaaryasiddhi Vinayaka Temple
   2. Shri Aadi-Muktinaga Temple
   3. Shri Muktinaga Temple
   4. Shri Subramanya Temple
   5. Shri Patalamma Devi
   6. Shri Kalabhairava Temple
   7. Nagabana

Even if the temple is new one, the legend of this temple is a lot more than 200 years old. Shri Mukthi Naga Kshetra has long been home for the Serpent Deity. As per the legend the devotees use to make 9 pradakshinas around the "hutta" (anthill) where the serpent resides to get their desires fulfilled within 90 days. The residents of this region have been referring to this place as "Junjappana Bayalu" (Junjappa's Field).

Even now, Devotees are asked first to do this pradakshinas, and then go to the Sri Karya Siddhi Vinayaka temple after which only offer prayers in the Mukthi Naga temple.

The Mukti Naga temple is a temple complex and is an merger of few temples and different deities. You may see Sri Kaaryasiddhi (work fulfilling) Vinayaka temple which is dedicated to lord Ganesha. Next to this is Mukti Naga temple, which is dedicated to Lord Subramanya in Naga avatar.

On the left side of Sri Karya Siddhi Vinayaka temple, there's a huge monolithic statue of Shakthi Dhara Subrahmanya. This idol is about 21 feet tall and weighs around 56 tons. Little further you can see Devi deities. Nearby, 107 sculptures of Nagas are kept in a covered passage and with 1 large 7 hooded Naga at the center of the top row. On another side of the road also there are a couple of temples dedicated to Goddess.

The history of Mukti Naga Temple is quite interesting if you go by the words of its priest Subramanya Shastri.  A small office is open to reserve puja tickets, purchase prasada and Cassettes/VCDs.

From Bangalore Bus Station: 18 Km
From Mysore Road (Near Kengeri) towards Big Banyan Tree road: 5 Km
Big Banyan Tree, Bangalore: 3 km
Ramohalli Bus Stand: 1 km

How to reach Mukti Naga Temple:
One should take right turn towards Big Banyan Tree road near Kengeri in Bangalore-Mysore Road to reach Muktinaga temple.
BMTC bus to Mukti Naga Temple:
From Market: 227Y

Shri Mukti Naga Kshetra
Ramohalli, Big Banyan Tree Road,
Kengeri, Bangalore - 560 060


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  4. Super information about this temple thanking you

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