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Shree Sadashiva Rudra Temple, Surya, Ujire

Shree Sadashiva Rudra Temple is very near to Ujire (3-4 KM) there will be lots of Autos & Jeeps are available from Ujire bus stop. Its 15-20 Mins drive from Ujire. Please note that  temple is opened from 7.30AM to 2PM and 4PM to 6.30PM only. As said by the Archakaru, Initially when you are making sankalpa (offering you wanted go & do there) need not go there, from your place only you can do the sankapla. Once your sankapla fulfilled you can go there & do the offerings.

The offerings are available in temple premises only & they are clay Sculptures (Mannina bombey) of your request (Like if you want job you can offer a chair & table, if its marriage you should offer Vadu vara, if its ear or eyes problem offer ear or eye Sculptures like wise). The cost of these clay Sculptures are priced between RS 50-200.
There is a specific mud idol associated with every wish. If you wish to construct a house and if your wish is fulfilled, then you should offer an idol of house made of mud. If you pray for a kid at Harake Bana, Sadashivarudra Temple at Ujire, after you are blessed with a kid, you will need to visit this place and offer a small cradle made of mud. If you wish to buy a car and your wish comes true, then you will need to offer an idol of Car. You can see different idols offered here, it starts from dog, cat, book, pen, cradle, house, auto rickshaw, heart, computer, bus, lorry, etc.,

Even though the temple is called Sadashiva Rudra Devasthana, it is popular and famous as “ SURYA” Temple. Surya Temple has a history dating back to the 13th Century. The Place was then ruled by the “BANGA” Kings. Banga Kings Contributed to the development of the Surya temple. There is small detail inscribed near the Nandeeshwara Idol which indicates that the temple’s history dates even prior to the 13th century. There is an interesting legend as to how the place got the name “SURYA”. Once upon a time, a woman was chopping grass with her son, when she hit a stone. Blood started oozing out from the stone she had hit. Afraid at seeing blood from the stone, the woman cried out “SUREYA” to her son. After the incident the place was named SUREYA, which gradually became “SURIYA” and finally “SURYA” as called now.
Sri Sadashiva Rudra Temple
Surya, Nada Grama, Permanu.
Beltanagday Tq, DK-574214.

Distance from Sadashivarudra Temple, Surya
Ujire: 6 Km
Dharmasthala: 15 Km
Belthangady: 14 Km
Bangalore: 313 Km
Mangalore: 75 Km
Mysore: 247 Km
Udupi: 106 Km

How to get there:
Nearest Airport: Mangalore International Airport at Bajpe
Nearest Railway Station: Mangalore
Road: Ujire is well connected by road network. Direct buses are available to Ujire from Mangalore, Bangalore, Chikmagalur and Dharmasthala. From Ujire you will need to catch an auto rickshaw to visit the temple.

Route map to reach Sadashivarudra Temple: (Driving Directions)
From Bangalore: via Nelamangala - Hassan - Sakaleshpura - Dharmasthala - Ujire
From Mysore: via Holenarasipura - Hassan - Sakaleshpura - Dharmasthala - Ujire
From Mangalore: via Bantwal - Guruvayanakere - Belthangady - Ujire


  1. Plz Upload the mud idol Images and information about the belivness

  2. hi sonica
    i am from Bangalore, have you visited this temple and can you share your experience.

    or if anyone has visited this temple please share your experience


    1. Hi Arun, Its true that this temple fulfill your worship. You just ask whatever you want in life & once it is fulfilled then give mud items to the god.

    2. i have visited iam happy and started telling to every to visit the temple and experience the blessings of lord shiva
      mohan ram rao

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  4. Hi kiran please provide me the contact number of this temple.

  5. its really a gods gifted place....something like kalpavruksha...u will blessed for ur offer......its great place & beautiful temple

  6. very usefull information... thanks a lot for that..

  7. Its an amazing temple....Surrounding is really mystical...and experience is amazing....I spoke to Pujaari ( Priest ) this time..and he only said that this place is linked to Agastaya Muni.

  8. Mohan ram rao 31 May 2015
    I am telling the truth after visiting the temple all my sankalp are fulfilled one by one It is really astonishing

  9. I am sujatha ,
    Its very powerfull god i have so much of believe on lord surya and sadashiva rudraswami and i believe on them they fulfill my harake and i will visit once again . i telling to all pls visit once that temple in your life.

  10. Namaste,
    I am a resident of Australia but would like to make an offering. Can this be done online or someone on my behalf at the temple please?
    Thank you